bibiDalaga. n.
A grown Filipina. A mature, refined young woman.

Gaby. n.
Twenty. And – see photo – still that.

4 months ’til the end of the year might be an off time to start a new blog, but I’ve already been putting this off since freshman year, and I figured now’s as good a time as any to begin oversharing on the internet!

Hi! My name is Gaby, and I’m an illustrator, aspiring filmmaker, & design student from Manila. I (quite religiously) kept a sketchblog via Tumblr that went kinda dead shortly after high school, and this is sort of the reboot!

I’m twenty now – a little older than I was back then – and the little world I kept inside my head at seventeen has expanded beyond just drawing and just wanting to draw forever and ever. A la Kylie these past few years have been full…OF REALIZING STUFF. I’ve let go of a lot, discovered new dreams, and I think in doing so I’ve changed and grown up a bit. SO. Instead of picking up right where I left off on my old thing, here I am, no longer a fetus, with blog 2.0! This is basically my new little space to document my work, my life (foibles and all) + obsessions, personal style, and weird thoughts thrown in too.

I can’t say too much about this thing having barely started it, but we’ll see what happens from here, and I hope you stick around to see!